Flavor is what we start with. Our products go throuh rigorous tastings before we add medicine. Only then do we add our own oils made with organic ethanol. We make our dosages light so that you can eat the whole thing without the fear of overdosing. We know that you will not want to stop eating til it is gone. Most of our products have medicinal qualities aside from cannabis. You can find these qualities in the individual pages to follow. We will continue to strive for quality and safety in all our products regardless of the trends in the industry because it is the right thing to do, not because it is popular or more lucrative. So please join us as we expand our menu and our knowledge of this industry and science.



It is our goal to provide our distributors with the best tasting and unique edibles that we can create. We begin by creating a well balanced flavor and texture that is pleasing to the eye and palate. Only then do we deem it okay to infuse it with the finest oil extracts. Our products are designed for the new and low tollerancy users though we do have more potent variations for those with higher tollerances. Many companies like to make their edibles as strong as possible, we want you the consumer to feel safe consuming our products no matter what has been experienced in previous encounters. Your health and peace of mind are more important to us than our reputation for getting people high. We focus on the medicinal qualities in our products and most of them are good medicine before they are infused. We infuse all of our pies and cakes with 70mg of Sativa dominate THC and our drinks with 30mg of the same. This way you can eat the whole pie or drink without worry.

We are not a dispensary, we are a wholesale supplier to dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central Valley. If you would like to see our products in your favorite dispensary just direct them here to our website for information and registration. Only permited dispensaries can order from this site. For now we will accept orders over the phone or by email, but we will soon have our registry and catalog launched to provide an easy means of ordering online. If you wish to contact us the # 415-710-0049 and the email is orders@thcafe.com.